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Samoan Village, Phoenix, AZ (hotel)

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Name:Samoan Village
Street:3901 E. Van Buren Avenue

The Samoan Village Motor Hotel was located in Phoenix and was home to the Luau Room Restaurant.

Here are a few things from the Samoan Village.

A matchbook from my collection.

And a menu from the collection at the LA Public Library.

Also, Zulu Magoo had posted some old phone book ads a while ago.

A luncheon menu from the Luau Room from Arkiva Tropika.

Here's a post card from 1967 that I found on ebay.

This photo came from a website dedicated to the wackiness of Van Buren in Phoenix.

Yeah, that Van Buren site is great! Check out that City Center Motel postcard !:

I searched it out on google street view and it's still there!

But back to the fab Samoan Village: Never have seen a photo of those lobby huts, wonder if there is one.

Tiki-Kate, another cool post.

Here are some more interesting tidbits.

I have the same matchbook and postcard from the Samoan Village
EXCEPT the matchbook is labeled Aloha Phoenix Motor Hotel

And the postcard is labeled Aloha Phoenix Resort.

They even changed the name of the lounge from the Luau Room to the Aloha Room

Given that Kate's card is from 1957, I am assuming that it started out as the Samoan Village during the peak Tiki period and changed to Aloha as Tiki de-evolution began?


Ha! Just like changing the Tiki Tabu Apartments to Tiki Aloha Apts. As the "Polynesian awareness" sank in the general populace, I guess Aloha became the lowest common denominator for any palm hut architecture.

I just got some new tiki matchcovers and in it was a Samoan Village one. I noticed that the name of the "room" is different on the interior of mine "Samoan Room" Instead of the others mentioned, so I thought I would post the a picture of the interior (the cover is the same).

Another great post from Tiki Kate, from back in the good old days.

I recently got this matchbook from the Aloha Hotel that still has the feature matchsticks showing a rendering of the hotel building.



2 variations
One is slightly wider
Some different ink colors noted

Uncovered some newspaper items that give a little more background on the Samoan Village.

This is from 1965 and would seem to be the year they opened.

A close up gives a peek at the interior with the manager, band, and chef

A few more ads with the entertainment.

The Pearls of the Pacific seemed to have played there for years.

Here is an ad from 1974 when it switched to the Aloha Phoenix.

And, one more matchbook style for good measure!


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