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Tiki House Restaurant and Tiki Hut lounge, Ocala FL. , Ocala, FL (motel)

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Name:Tiki House Restaurant and Tiki Hut lounge, Ocala FL.
Street:3951 Blitchton Rd.

Another Florida Tiki site. This one is long gone as far as I can tell. Located in the old Silver Springs Motor Inn in Ocala.The only info I could find was a mention in an Ocala newspaper from 1966. And a very short mention of some topless gogo dancing also.The building lives on as a Howard Johnson's Motel and looks largely intact structurly. Which is not saying much as it was and still is rather plain. Thought I'd post it anyway before it's foregotten complettly. Thanks.
Here is a current airial view.

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Looks like the Howard Johnson Motor Lodge was really busy that day!

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