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Surfer's Club, Madeira Beach, FL (other)

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Name:Surfer's Club
Street:14966 Gulf Boulevard
City:Madeira Beach


Now, this is an odd one. The Surfer's Club was a nightclub on the beach for kids ages 15-20. No one over 20 was allowed in. They featured live bands such as The Tropics, The Dominoes and The Intruders. It opened in July 1964, and originally had a surfing theme with fishnets hanging from the ceiling and seascape murals on the walls. However, in the fall of 1964, it was remodeled into a South Seas theme with luau torches in the front and the bar was turned into a short order hoagie shop decorated with shipwreck lamps and bamboo. Found one article that states that there were chaperones there every night to make sure there was no "front to back" dancing. It sounds like they got hassled a lot from the public, city, landlord and police with all the kids loitering about and alcohol outside and were forced to close by October 1966. This club was open to the public, but they also sold memberships which got you discounts and such, and when they closed they had over 8000 members.

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