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Crimson Tiki, Gulf Shores , AL (restaurant)

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Name:Crimson Tiki
Street:West Gulf Blvd.
City:Gulf Shores

I got nothing on this one. Well at least I have the matchbook but no other information.

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My first thought is ...it's was a play on "Crimson Tide" and was using the familiar word association with the Alabama Football team to their marketing advantage. I guess it didn't work. Considering that it was in the beer belt, not surprising.

Cuz in that part of the world, especially "Back in the Day" you're either "Roll Tide!" or "War Eagle!".

So...."Roll Tide!" and a tip of my Houndstooth Hat to "The Bear".


here is a menu

They had a Mermaid Bar, wonder what that looked like?



I found more info on this polynesian restaurant

an add with another location

Wow, excellent Polynesian pop poetry, much less prosaic than the initial matchbook find! "What about a Mai tai or some other delicious melding of fruit juices with fermented nectars?" I could have written that! :lol:

And very informative! Now we know all ....all we need now is photos. :D Which should be easy to obtain, just go there and look up Cliff Clifton or his descendants. He might still be around, I am guessing the article is from the late 70s?

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Interesting...Crimson Tiki East was incorporated in 1962 by Lee W. Ewing of Pensacola, FL. In 1974, the corporation lapsed or was terminated to be replaced by new ownership registered under H. Roland Clifton (Cliff or a relation?), also of Pensacola, from February of 1974 to September of 1976, when listed as "terminated for non-payment" on the Florida Department of State website (www.sunbiz.org).

There is a last known address for H. Roland Clifton listed there too, but a quick WhoWhere search turns up one "R. Clifton" living elsewhere in Florida.

Good luck with the hunt!


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