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LA TC'ers, Drink Anything Besides Rum ??

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Here's an article that LA food critic Jonathon Gold wrote on LA bar mixology.


Tiki-Ti and Bahooka both made the list. Tiki-Ti I can understand but at the Bahooka I think the drinks are a little too sweet (but probably besides the point given the decor).

Check some of these places out if you enjoy a well mixed cocktail.

Keep in mind however that for some of these places your Aloha shirt may not be the most appropriate attire.

And yes the drinks are expensive but heck isn't an Uga Booga and Great White Shark costing like $20 now?

There is something other than Rum?
My Hawaiian shirt is not welcome somewhere?
Too Sweet?
What are you saying? I'm not following you at all?!?
Are you like saying something about beer, plaid shirts and hamburger stands?
On Tiki Central?

This scares me.
How much money do I need to throw at it till it's better?

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