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san diego tiki inside track needed

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planning a weekend getaway for our 1yr wedding anniv. and looking for info on the cool spots to hit and where to stay.


Hey Two Wheelin'
Check out posting by Tiki_Bong dated 2002-11-19 09:29 ref. the Day After Thanksgiving San Diego Tiki Crawl for info. it might help you out.

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thejab posted on Mon, Apr 7, 2003 6:33 PM

It seems this question comes up once a week! Check this thread out (and corresponding threads inside it):


I strongly recommend Humphries Half Moon on (where else) Shelter Island. We stayed there our last anniversary and loved it so much we booked another night. We had a suite on the marina side (more privacy & better view). The hotel restaurant has great food, the backstage lounge always has top notch live music & good drinks...and the Bali Hai is within spittin' distance.


Happy Anniversary!

Well, you may try to book a night at The Lagoon Room. I haven't had a chance to visit yet, but I hear you can get your very own private bartender that has multitude of drink concoctions ready to make for you and that happens to know all the areas to visit and shop in the San Diego area, as well as a very, very lovely hostess that will see to it that all of your amenities are to your liking.

I believe it's about $1000.00 per night, but I'm sure they'll give you a fantastic discount if you mention that you are a TC member. :lol:

If not, then Humphries does look like a nice place to stumble back to after visiting Bali Hai.



Yeah TWT,
Stop on by for a Mai Tai. When you coming down? Let us know. We'll be out of town the next couple of weeks, but we'll be back on the 22nd. We are right of the freeway in Oceanside

you guys rule!. thank you very much.bali hi is the first order of bizz!.

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