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Tong's Tiki Hut, Villa Park, IL (restaurant)

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Name:Tong's Tiki Hut
Street:100 E. Roosevelt Road
City:Villa Park

Small Chinese and Polynesian restaurant located outside of Chicago -- nicely decorated with luau mats, bamboo and carvings. Good drink selection served in Tiki mugs.

[ Edited by: zombieki 2009-06-20 09:46 ]

there were initially three (maybe 4) tong's tiki huts spread out throughout the western burbs of chicago.....i don't think there are any left that are operating as tong's....as recently as a year ago the last tong's fell to the redecorator and new ownership...but not before a friend of mine was able to get all the hanging lamps and some other tiki pieces outta there. i think if you do a search here, i'm almost sure tong's came up in previous threads over the years on tiki central...maybe we can combine them into one thread?


The Tongs listed here (on Roosevelt Road) is still open. I visited last night and it is still richly decorated. Attached are a business card and the front/back of their take out menu.

thanks for posting....bamboolodge set me straight tonight at the chef that the villa park location was still open...i jumped on here to retract my previous statement but you beat me to it....it was the bolingbrook location that closed recently.........so i guess that leaves only the villa park location left open.

Heading here in July. Anyone have any reviews or thoughts on Tong's Tiki Hut? Thanks all!

There was a brief though favorable write-up in a tiki tour type article in one of the free Chicago rags recently. Noticed they have a website http://www.tongstikihutvillapark.com but don't bother it's totally generic menu site. We haven't been in years. Not that I have anything bad to say about it, just remember it being a fairly average Chinese restaurant experience. Cute decor though not all that exciting. Probably should give it another chance since we're not that far away. I wouldn't go out of your way to go, but if you have time, go for it. It's pretty easy to swing by Hala Kahiki from there for a nitecap on the way back to the city, too.


Sounds good. Thanks! Yeah, didn't know what to expect and the website sure didn't help. We'll be closeby anyway, so we'll give it a go and I'll post some pics and opinions after on this thread. :)

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