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Volcanic Eruption

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The volcano that began rising from the side of I-4 in Orlando last month has erupted!!!
I finally checked out the site of the volcano I saw a few weeks ago at the Intersection of Sand Lake Road and International Drive (across from the Dunkin Donuts) and found a fully-functional tiki-themed miniture golf course. Sorry, but no tiki relics form Tiki Gardens were in evidence. The place is called Tiki Island Adventure Golf.
One of the owners said the course opened three weeks ago. It features numerous large tiki's carved from palm by David Farmer of Coco Beach. Also, there is a big black tiki that looks to be about 8 feet tall and made of cement or some other hard material. Large cement tikis also frame a large sign on International Drive. Because the course is new, all of the plants are immature. The course is surrounded by water and waterfalls.
Since I was there during the daylight, I innocently asked the owner if the volcano glowed or was lighted at night. He gave me this mischevious look, turned to his assistant and said, "go ahead and turn it on for him." About 60 seconds later the top of the volcano was in flames and then a gaint fireball erupted into the air. "Pretty neat", I said. "Bring on the virgins," I thought!

I know of at least two other TIki themed miniature golf courses, although neither has an erupting volcano. One is in Avalon, Nj, right on the main drag, and is called South Seas Golf. Lots of small carved Tikis on it, and if you putt into the Tikis mouth on the 18th hole, you get a free game. The other is in Tucson, Az., and features an Easter Island Moai which stands about 25 feet tall, and has steps leading to an observation tower. You can go up in it last time I was there, although it was obvious no insurance agents had done so, or you wouldn't have been allowed any more. I am sure there must be many more courses out there.

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