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Tikipartment... ish

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I've got pictures of of some redocrating Tikimama, Melintur, and I (tikimonkey) did at my apartment this past weekend.

Check them out at my LiveJournal here.

It's still a work in progress, need an actual Tiki BAR, some masks, etc.. anyone willing to help out a starving student, donations are more than welcome :)

Monkey de Tiki!

Cool start! Mr. Jeebers and the rum barrel and mugs set are great, and the placement of that pirate flag probably makes you go "ARRRRRGH" after doing a set of bench presses!

It looks like 4' bamboo or matchstick roll shades would fit over the window, keeping the existing miniblinds intact. It'll take the eye away from going straight to the "whiteness" of the blinds and will add some more filter for incoming light.

Keep it going!


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