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Ka'anapali Beach Hotel Tiki Bar, Ka'anapali, MAUI, HI (hotel)

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Name:Ka'anapali Beach Hotel Tiki Bar
Street:2525 Kaanapali Pkwy, Lahaina, HI‎
City:Ka'anapali, MAUI
Phone:(808) 661-0011‎

just visited this hotel on Ka'anapali Parkway on Maui. (see google map)

they are an 'old style' Hawaiian hotel, not a huge mega resort. The ambiance was fantastic: everything Tiki! Tiki Terrace restaurant, Tiki Bar, LIVE Hawaiian music and hula!

will post some pictures later.
HIGHLY recommended if you get to Maui. I'm stoked to have finally found a Tiki haven on my island.

those postcard images don't quite look like it.
but this link is pretty close

we just had a small earthquake a few moments ago...3.4 right on the south west side of Haleakala


On 2009-06-29 00:12, Tiwaka the Parrot wrote:
those postcard images don't quite look like it.

If you scroll down further in that thread, you'll see it is indeed the same hotel and same Tiki Bar that's the subject of this thread. We usually dine at the adjacent Tiki Terrace restaurant a couple of times a year and watch the hula show from our dinner table. We were just there about a week and a half ago and had a great time.


Hope the quake didn't cause anyone to spill any drinks!

ok, sounds good.
I'm looking to spend a night or two there in July.
great location!

no drinks spilled on the quake, but more were drunk as a result!


i love this hotel ..... live hula shows and music ........ lotza aloha


My wife and I are going to Maui in November. We will be sure to hit that spot. Mahalo for the infor

Went there on Saturday, the service was nonexistant so I got up from the table and walked over to the bar to order drinks. The bartender said they had no souveneir drink mugs and that they had been out for a while.

The Tikis are worth checking out but the drinks are a waste of time.


Just a small ad from a tourist magazine dated 1979

We just spent 17 days at this hotel. It is the best place to stay for relaxation and ease of access to all the other places worth seeing by foot or by car. We were impressed that since our last visit in 1998 there were far more tikis to view around the island and on Kaanapoli Beach.

I posted photos of our trip and some of the best tikis we saw on Maui.


Cheers, Wendy

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