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Bali Hai Garden Apartments, Yorba Linda, CA (apartments)

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Name:Bali Hai Garden Apartments
Street:Plumosa Street
City:Yorba Linda


I just picked up this nifty little matchbook from the Bali Hai Garden Apartments located in Yorba Linda, California.

What a great a frame building by the pool!

Here is a close up of the map showing the location.

I found a couple of different photos of the apartments on the spy satellite. Looks promising here, but...

Unfortunately it looks like we are to late to see the pool area, this photo shows that it was totally denuded recently.

It looks like it would still be worth a look-see if there area any TC field agents in the Yorba Linda area.

Look forward to some photos of whats left.



Here is another current photo:


It looks like they are refurbing -- it will be interesting to see if it is re-themed the same way....


Look how they took out the palm trees and left the others. The anti-palm tree sentiment is strong in California right now. What happened?

They don't like to have to pay for the yearly maintenance of having to trim them.

I don't know what ever became of it, but I remember reading when Villaraigosa was elected as mayor of LA, he proposed taking down a ton of palm trees to save the city money from having to trim them yearly. There was obviously a big uproar since they are so iconic to LA.

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