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Pagan Island Video

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Aloha....I have The 1960 Pagan Island video. Warning:There are a lot of non-polynesian topless women (selected by Betty Page/Playboy photographer Bunny Yeager), who try desparately to keep their leis stragically in place to no avail. Movie is pretty bad in a fun way...some Tikis, carved masks, and weapons, bamboo, etc.....and a dumb looking 10' tall alligator/alien god that they dance around...watch out for the killer clam...and killer dialog.......if interested drop me an email ....

I have a copy of that one too. I love when they try to run while holding down their leis. The dance scene is pretty amazing as well.

Bettie and Tikis ?how kool is that how can I getta copy?

There's a good review with pics here:


Trader Woody

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