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Aloha Restaurant, Rochester, NY (restaurant)

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Name:Aloha Restaurant
Street:2775 Monroe Ave.
Phone:GI 2-9240

Here's a great card I just picked up today. The Aloha Restaurant. I couldn't find much info on this one. James writes in TRT that the restaurant opened in the early 60's and was gone by the early 80's. This place had it all murals, Tikis, water features and great architecture. The site now house an up-scale Chinese restaurant. I'll get the pics on in a few minutes. Thanks.

the description on the back of the card.

Some closeups.

A plate from Critiki with a great rendering of the restaurant.

Menu from Mimi's collection.

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I think the card dates to the early 60's due to the phone number. Also the Aloha Motel is just down the street but it is nothing special. It may have been nice at one time but I could find no information on it.


EXCELLENT find, that is one cool card, never seen it.

Nice to get some more info from James and Mimi on this place as well.


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Excellent thread, Trav.

Here's a compote and sugar bowl from toomuchjoe's collection on Ooga-Mooga.

Thanks Dusty and Kate. Wow some great serve-ware from this place. I have to think they would have had some mugs also, maybe even matchbooks and swizzles.

"Anyone who has ever seen them is thereafter haunted as if by a feverish dream" Karl Woermann

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This is what became of the Aloha. Looks great doesn't it! Seems to be almost no info out in cyberspace on this one.

"Anyone who has ever seen them is thereafter haunted as if by a feverish dream" Karl Woermann

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On 2009-07-11 17:59, Tiki-Kate wrote:
Excellent thread, Trav.

Here's a compote and sugar bowl from toomuchjoe's collection on Ooga-Mooga.

Anyone know who made these items. I'm thinking Jackson made the sugar bowl but not sure on the other.

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This place looks really cool, I like the entrance, tikis in front and water features especially. It's not Tiki any more but it still has the water fountain and pond so that's good.

Sakura Home Japanese Style Cuisine
2775 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY
585) 288-8130

Here are a few pics of the place as it is right now.

Note: interior bridge over water pond

water fountain

front doors

Wow, How many times have I passed this place and never went in! Of course I mean the Chinese Restaruant. I wish I could have gone to the "Aloha" But I wasn't Tiki cognizant back then, missed out on the Kahiki for the same reason! :( I'll take mom this week!

wow... what memories. I grew up in Rochester and we went to this place alot when I was kid. My uncle knew the owner so we were regulars there. The place was always dark, and there was a small bridge over the fountain. In the middle of the pool was an artificial island with palm trees and penguins! I always loved the food there and begged my parents to order the Fruit Punch as it this drink came in a fresh pineapple... what a fantastic place and you don't see places like that anymore.

Hi dieselrich,

Thanks for chiming in with your memories of the place.

You mean the pool & island below had real, honest-to-God, LIVE penguins?

That would have been something to see. I've heard of restaurant or two that did that back in the day, but what an incongruous set of pets for a Tiki Restaurant.

ha.. no live penguins.. they were made out of plaster but it was fantastic restuarant as a kid. The photos above don't represent the place because as i said before the place was very dark with a low red light shining around. No windows - old fashion coin cigarrette machines in the lobby.. what memories.. too bad its closed. The exotic food especially the spicy hot chicken and i also remember the plates were steamy hot.

This guy came from Rochester, probably from The Aloha. The dealer I got him from had 2 others just like him. Any chance of some interior shots existing?

Love that find Rick. I'll see if I can get a better scan of the bar area of the card to get a good look at the large tikis.

I picked up a brochure from the Aloha Motel and Restaurant.

Motel Exterior

A nice mid-century modern looking room


We are here.

The restaurant exterior with more foliage than before.

The restaurant interior


Came across this matchbook from the Aloha Restaurant in Rochester.

Hawaiian atmosphere indeed!


Researched some ads from the Aloha Restaurant, found out it had a long run from 1964 to at least 1978.

1964 Ad

1972 Ad

1978 Ad


Great stuff DC. That place is a tuff one to peg down.

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