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T just received this press release today about Spa Tiki opening this May in San Diego. As part of her job responsibilities, we will likely have to spend there and write a review for the magazine. Tough job!

Here is the release.

Architectural Concepts, Inc. Creates Island Retreat in Downtown San Diego

Spa Tiki Set to Welcome Guests in May

(SAN DIEGO, California) – Architectural Concepts, Inc. has completed designs for Spa Tiki, a luxurious two-story, 8,000 square foot South Seas-inspired day spa in the Harbor Club. Turner Construction has begun build out and construction is scheduled for completion in May.

Interior designer and architect Margit Espinosa has thoughtfully recreated the earthy elements and exotic allure of a tropical island resort where guests can escape the everyday. Inspired by legends of Polynesian cultures and traditional tiki designs of the 1950 and 1960s, many of the patterns, materials and colors found at Spa Tiki are modern interpretations of a fun, relaxed island lifestyle with a touch of whimsy.

“Katherine Stuart, owner of Spa Tiki, challenged us to recreate an authentic resort-like setting for this one-of-kind day spa destination focused on rejuvenation, relaxation, and fun,” said Margit Espinosa, principal, Architectural Concepts, Inc. “Spa guests will truly feel like they are on vacation as they soak in the tropical atmosphere we’ve brought to life through the use of natural island materials and shades of sun and sea.”

One of the world’s leading spa branding and management companies – Collier & Collier (Collier) – has partnered with Spa Tiki to define the concept, service menu, and philosophy. Collier has created luxury spas at some of the world’s leading five-star tropical destination resorts including the Spa at Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay (Bali) – rated one of the “World’s Best Spas” by Travel & Leisure Magazine.

Spa Tiki’s private elevator entrance opens to a bamboo path leading guests to the ocean-inspired lower level featuring a lushly decorated retail area. Fresh tropical flowers and plants and a fanciful garden of authentic, hand-carved tiki gods further enhance the South Seas island theme.

Guests will be greeted with a tropical fruit punch as they check-in at the palapa covered reception desk. Beyond the desk, billowing white fabrics frame the Pedi-Cabanas, private island-style thrones offering a relaxing spot for San Diego’s most indulgent pedicure. Group or individual guests looking to make conversation will enjoy a manicure while lazing on Spa Tiki’s
custom, floral nail couch, which comfortably seats three. The salon will feature two full-service hair stations in addition to fresh-prep, hair and scalp treatments. An intimate lounge and make-up services will complete the downstairs.

Capturing the romance of tropical sunset, Spa Tiki’s sun-inspired upper level houses nine treatment rooms, a steam room, a lounge and private event space. Guests are greeted with a hand carved sign that reads “Welcome to Paradise” and can unwind and enjoy treatments in the following areas:

·The Lanai: The 525 square foot guest lounge offers a tranquil space to relax before and after treatments. The sophisticated ambience features large teak steamer chairs, comfortable bamboo settees, and a cascading fountain.

·The Bungalows: Spa Tiki’s individually appointed Bungalows are private, serene sanctuaries where guests can enjoy facials, massages and a variety of body treatments.

·The Sunset Villa & The Ocean Villa: The signature Spa Tiki villas are distinctively equipped with rainforest showers and custom designed soaking tubs. The Sunset Villa boasts colors of the islands at dusk while the Ocean Villa is designed in the deep blues of the Pacific.

·The Hula Hut: This inviting island hideaway is the ideal locale for group events. The 265 square foot lounge features four custom tiki couches, a private shower, and a wet bar. Accented in festive Hula dancer décor, the room is constructed entirely of bamboo complete with a pitched “Hut” ceiling.



Peace, Love & Tiki!

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Let us know how it is. I'd go there in a heartbeat. Got some folks in SD I gotta visit anyhow!

(don't tell anyone, but i have the blue prints for this project)(shhhhh!)

I manage a Salon and Day Spa here in Knoxville so maybe I can go to this place for "research"!!!

Sounds great.


Lemme know when yer going, I'll meet ya there!


Hey Reverend,

I saw the sketch of Spa Tiki and it looked like a lot of bamboo work is going into the project. Did you build the Tiki Bars in there?

Hoping to go there soon. They'll have their grand opening sometime in May.

Sounds like T may need an architectural critic on her tour.....

I'll volunteer!

Hey Arty! In your "sober state" or "vacation from partying" do you not understand SHHHHHHH! Bro, you need to start drinkin again!!!!!! And, get your asses out to Vegas for MONDO TIKI!!!! (whimps)


Hey Bambooze Ben!

While yous are at Mondo, I'll be in another state.

Or as Mike Ness said,

"Another State of Mind"

Happy Mondo!

The spa sounds incredible, but there's something plain wrong about leaving a Tiki establishment feeling cleansed and healthy...

Trader Woody

On 2003-04-15 05:08, Trader Woody wrote:
The spa sounds incredible, but there's something plain wrong about leaving a Tiki establishment feeling cleansed and healthy...

Trader Woody

Hey Woody,

You don't feel cleansed and healthy after leaving Trader Vic's?!? :wink:


Go west, baby! We're waiting for you.

If you really wanna feel soiled, hang out at the Alibi for a couple of hours. Unlike much of the civilized world (and by civilized world I mean California and now even NYC), smoking is still legal in Oregon bars (a couple of years ago they finally joined the latter half of the 20th century by banning it in restaurants), so you come outta the Alibi smelling like dirty underwear. But dirty underwear with a sweet buzz on, to be sure.

Crank, cranky, cranky. Somebody buy that guy a drink...


A sketch of the Spa Tiki Design.



Here is the most recent update on Spa Tiki.

This past weekend, T and I finally had the pleasure of sampling Spa Tiki, the first and only Tiki Spa of it's kind. Spa Tiki is a day spa featuring tiki and polynesian inspired ambiance with bamboo decor and tikis carved by Bosko. T had the Island Romance Ritual and I had the Tiki Massage followed by the Jungle Mist (sauna).

As stated on their website, Spa Tiki features a variety of "specialty Island-inspired spa treatments include; The Fijian Stone Ritual, Hawaiian Fruits of Paradise, Thai Contouring Body Ritual, Tropical Lulur and The Tiki Fruit & Flower Facial. In addition, Spa Tiki offers a full array of spa treatments including the best San Diego massage as well as body wraps & scrubs, soaks, stone massage, facials, and complete salon services."

Kanes, I highly recommend a that you treat your Wahines to a day of pampering at Spa Tiki and even include a massage for yourself. You can't beat the ambiance and it's truly an experience to remember. Oh yeah, and the downtown location is dangerously close to the Bali Hai so you can make a complete day of indulgence!

Here are a few photos:

Entrance and Tiki Greeting!

The Pedicure Hut.

In the Lanai.

In the Hula Hut.

Here is their website for more info.




Excellent report! Thanks.
I can see us having a TC naked party there! :)

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I am SOOOOOOOOOO there...

Here's part of a article on the Spa Tiki, Bosko, and more; this's only the part that mentions Spa Tiki:

Spa Tiki
"Another sign the new tiki boom is making inroads with a new generation can be seen in Spa Tiki, the new day spa in the stylish Harbor Club condominium towers downtown. It has thatched-hut treatment rooms for massages, facials, pedicures and manicures; balms, ointments and skin-care products from the Pacific islands; a tiki statue by Bosko in the entryway and hallways lined with Bosko tiki masks.

"The spa's lounge with its beautiful bamboo furniture, fountain and flooring has become such a showcase for upscale tiki style that clients tell principal partner Katherine Stuart that they want to re-create the lounge in their own homes."

The article also mentions a new Tiki themed restaurant opening in San Diego, and Tiki tours by Marc Menkin.

This's the link:



Hey Reverend,

Welcome to Tiki Central!

While some may scoff at a Tiki-themed spa, I think it is the ultimate in Spa treatments. I gotta say, that me an mine had a wonderful experience there and if I'm gonna go to a spa, this is the one I would pick.

Peace and love to all,


If this place has a fitness room and some nice hiking/jogging trails nearby - I Am There!

I finally visited Spa Tiki this past weekend. It's much bigger than I'd realized -- two stories. It was a last-minute thing, so I didn't schedule anything fancy, they just squeezed me in to get my legs waxed. There are more tikis there than I thought there would be, too. I learned while I was there that some of the investors in Spa Tiki are also investors in the brand-new Mister Tiki's, which is within walking distance. The place feels more like a high-end spa with some tikis stuck in it than a richly-themed Polynesian paradise with some massage tables stuck in, but that's probably going to appeal to a larger audience anyhow. Why is it that spas are all so dreadfully dull? They aim for relaxing, and when they end up with sleep-inducing, they think they've succeeded. I wish I could find a spa that was fun.

I've updated the record in Critiki, with lots of picures:


Like I posted somewhere else , "You guys in SoCal have the neatest Tiki Stuff " Another reason for us to move out there...Dream on

On 2004-06-15 11:38, Humuhumu wrote:
I wish I could find a spa that was fun.

Come on over to my bar! :)

Thanks for the update Humu2


For our Anniversary my Wife bought one of the couples packages for us at Spa Tiki. I can't wait to see/experience the place. I'll give you my report after we go. Maybe not the full report, but a report all the same.

A question for those of you who have been: With the couples package, you get to pick which massage you want. I'm leaning toward the "Tiki Massage" (huh), but which massage do any of you recommend?

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Hey MachTiki,

I had the Tiki Massage which was great. I also had the Jungle Mist and some kind of peticure recommended by my wife. My feet are pretty sensitive and the wahine doing the job was pretty rough, but hey at least my feet were clean!

The staff is young and good looking in a Baywatch kinda way. :wink: I'm sure you with both have a great time.

Let us know how it goes.

Head Shrinker and I went to Spa Tiki Thursday.

Moms gave me a spa certificate. That is why I went. Nothing metrosexual occured and no manscaping! My toe knuckles are still hairy!!

Mrs. No wanted me to get "that freaky skin thing" removed from my foot and my "freaky huge stelagmite pinky toenails reduced. "Babe, that is man stuff. We need that to survive in the wild!" I said.

Anyways, complimentary mai tais and/or beers, sexy broads with "the cleave" hanging out.

After my two mai tais I was kinda wondering about having my toenails painted up, either dark blue metalic or silver.



two mai tais down


Has anyone been in the last 2 years?

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