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Gim Din, Richmond, VA (restaurant)

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Name:Gim Din
Street:6406-08 Horsepen Road

This menu recently appeared on eBay. Looks like a Chinese restaurant turned Polynesian. The menu was dated 1977. Does anyone know if the restaurant is still around?

I had relatives that lived near there, on Horsepen Rd. for many years. I seem to remember a really outlandish Chinese restaurant, which my have been this one. It was one of those places with lots of black and red, pagoda roof, with fountains and rock gardens. It was the kind of place that would easily go "Tiki". We used to travel there in the summers from 1973 to about 1982. If a picture surfaces, maybe it will help jog my memory?

(Apologies if it bad form to resurrect a years-old topic.)

I moved to Richmond in March 2002, and this location has always been a family-friendly Mexican restaurant, first Mexico and later Original Mexican. It was clear in that time I was new to town that the space had previously been a Chinese restaurant (a fact confirmed by at least one waiter), but when the change happened I couldn't say.

The place Bahama Don described to me sounds like what is now Full Kee, a somewhat rundown but nonetheless popular Chinese spot.

For what it's worth, this section of Horsepen has become a Little Vietnam, with three solid, no-frills restaurants in a two block area.


Oh my God! I haven't seen anything with Gim Din on it since I was a kid. You have a menu to what was probably the best Chinese restaurant in Richmond for years. The Gim Din was an eat in or take out restaurant with allot of over the top decorations. There food was out of this world. There has never been a Chinese/Polynesian Restaurant in Richmond that could compete with Gim Din. What a blast from the past!

Pages: 1 4 replies