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How do you do it?

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Browsing through posts yesterday, I suddenly realized there were no ads on this site. While it is nice, I got to wondering how you do it. It's not free to host a website (unless you know the right people, I guess :wink: ), and the design, graphics and board are all top-notch.
I enjoy reading all the posts here and would continue to do so even if there were advertising. I guess I just want to say how much I appreciate this site and the sacrifices which somebody must be making to present it.

P.S. As a resident of California's Central Valley, I have to ask: Is Hanford Lemoore your real name?


The board software is freeware. Great web site hosting can be had for as little as $20/month. The real cost is Hanford's time in installing and customizing the board software!

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