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Makaha Chinese, Acton, MA (restaurant)

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Name:Makaha Chinese
Street:255 Great Road
Phone: (978) 263-3371

Chinese/Polynesian Restaurant. Seems to still be around.

[ Edited by: Sabu The Coconut Boy 2009-07-30 23:09 ]

There has been discussion on this board of folks planning to visit this restaurant. Did anyone ever go?

Who did the lay out for their postcard? :lol:

Two observations:
The geometric patterns left of the name on the back seem to be of Marquesan origin.

There is an apartment building in Santa Barbara with the same name, also written in Asian font:

Sadly, pappythesailor and I discovered back in '05 that there is no Tiki left. :(

Just an A-frame. (If I remember right, they even took the Tiki out of the a-frame)

Seeing what it looked like at one time makes that trip we took there a few years ago even sadder, because it's now an 80's looking nightmare of mauve and beige.

At least that's the day that pappy and I met for the first time!

Ah, I remember it well!

Pappy - you crack me up. It certainly looks like it was an epic meeting. A shame nothing of the old glory is left.

Bigbro - yeah, I agree with the format of the postcard. My only guess is that there's a panorama-length postcard out there with the full A-frame and another panel.

I was curious about the logo on the back of the postcard. To me it looked like it might have been a stylized representation of those Chinese Jade Tiles, lashed together, but it also looked Polynesian to me.

sabu here is the full postcard

AHAAA! Now it makes sense, though the choice of a black rounded-off frame is still weird.
Maybe they rounded of the corners because of the design on the back --or maybe because it was a 70s thing.
Sabu, here's a pattern comparison :) :

Sven - Nice job on that pattern comparison. I should have never doubted you.

pa'akiki - Thanks for posting the large-format postcard!

You are forgiven :D

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