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BambooBen....need Moso advice.

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Bamboo Ben or any of you guys that deal in Bamboo....I have found a garden supply center that sells Moso timber bamboo. Grows to 60-to 90 feet with 6-inch mature diameter, good for my planting zone, and can survive to 0 degrees according to the tag. Do you know the growth rate on Moso approximately per year? Also does it spread in a similar agressive manner to Chinese Bamboo or in a wider swath? I own 2 acres of great woodland/meadow property in addition to the 3/4 acre landscaped portion of my yard and would love to plant some if it might pay off in some tasty tender winter shoots and a little raw material for whatever else down the road. But that is only if it's possible to keep the stuff in it's corner and if it won't end up dominating invasively and shading out my hickory, mountain laurel, pine, and poplar stands. I figured if anybody knew the living characteristics of this stuff you would.

Also how long to maturity on that stuff?

BK, Moso is a runner. If you don't want it to run, plant in bottomless 55 g. plastic drums. They actually grow well when roots are confined. Mature bamboo can grow several feet a day during the growing season. WHOA!

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Sorry BK,
I just work with the dead stuff. Try http://www.abs.com (American Bamboo Society). Plenty of info on the live stuff.

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