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Tiki Holiday? (King Kamehameha)

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jtiki posted on Tue, Jun 11, 2002 1:21 PM

Sorry, I meant to float this question earlier.

In the midst of my tiki obsession, I was searching for a "Tiki-Holiday." A day designed to celebrate all things tiki. Of course things tiki should be celebrated on any evening that you can lay your hands on a blender, some rum and some ice.

That being said, the closest I came was the King Kamehameha Celebration of Hawaii, which I belive is TODAY, 12 June. Sadly, I can find no sort of celebration here in Washington DC. So I put it to you:

Does Kamehameha Day get celbrated anywhere besides Hawaii?
How is it celebrated?
Are there other "tiki" holidays?

King Kamehameha was the Hawaiian king fulfilled the prophecy of vanquishing all other chiefs to become the greatest of all chiefs in Hawaii, in the 1700’s. On the 11th of June Hawaii celebrates the "Napoleon of the Pacific."

May 1 is Lei Day in Hawaii, and used to be celebrated as May Day in the United States. When I went to school in the islands, we always had a pagent with music and dancing on Lei Day. Everyone wore their nicest aloha shirts and mu-mu's with a specially made lei. I can still recall having to learn to play the ukelele in 5th grade for a Lei Day pagent and having no success. I very much enjoyed my clasmates dancing the hula for us (boys & girls). They semed very good.
Another Hawaiian holiday(s) is Aloha Week which is the beginning of September. Now I understand it lasts all month, but moves from island to island like Carnival.
Of course, every friday is Aloha Friday and for this reason I still try to wear an aloha shirt to work on fridays.

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