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Tropicana tiki's?

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The Tropicana,in Las Vegas, used to have two big moai's out front and their eyes changed colors. Does anyone know what happened to them? Were they destroyed or sold?

Actually, I'm glad this question was asked. Bamboo Ben, can you please regale us again with the story of your gramps and how the Aku Aku and Tropicana and Sunset Park tikis all fit together?
I'll be telling it on the bus tour and want to make sure I get my facts straight.
Thanks for the memories...

As far as I know the two Tropicana Tikis were made out of hollow plaster/concrete in the late 70s/80s and had nothing in common with the smaller full stone Aku Aku moais done by Ely Hedley in the 60s. They were blown up in the late 90s, when that form of tear down was the vogue in Vegas.

Eli not "Ely!" Damn it!!!

E-mail me your fax # a.s.a.p.!(I will be unavail. after Wed.), and I'll send over some articles. The Trop tikis were fakes. The Stardust tikis were the semi real deal! Featherstone! Hand carved with loads of blood! That stone is like razor blades!! Try to carve it! It's gnarly!

I know a guy who spells his name Eel-Eye...."Seriously"

will do bb.
i have to go out and buy fax paper this afternoon...

I visited the Tropicanna last week and was disappointed by the lack of any tikis.

I was hoping for a fun tiki vibe after a night at Venus at the Venetian which is a tiki bar trapped in a hip-hop club.
While the club wasn't bad, I do not appreciate having to pay $20 just to visit a tiki bar, only to find I am the sole person inside wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

Despite the somewhat steep cover,
Venus is a beautiful tiki bar and it grooves to great beats.
The gods would be amused.


Bamboo Ben--I would love a fax copy of Tropicana/Stardust tiki articles also. Please fax to me (at work) 415-241-8198 Monday -Friday 9am to 5pm,.Attn. Bruce,

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