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Seems to me that with all the questions and info on Tiki Interior designs some body here could be makin' some clams doing this. I for one was just thinking that I want a professionally designed Tiki Room at my new house next year. I don't want to do it myself. I could build part of it myself but my bag is landscapes (playin' in the dirt). I'd love to hire somebody on this board to design a Tikinesian bar room. Any takers?

I don't sell design services for entire tiki rooms. I do however have some tiki bar plans for sale.


If I were you I would design it myself, check out the bars you like and some old photos and write up what you like. Then just use the experts on this forum to explain how to do everything you don't know how to do.

Bamboo Ben has provided this kind of service for many people. Definitely ask him.



Ben's posts always make me think of Animal from The Muppet Show.

In a good way.



I'm deaf so I must post....Lowd!!!

Unga Bunga!!!

( after cutting over a million bamboo poles, the high pitch kinda takes a toll on ya!)(if I ever get a digicam I'll post some old pics of me wit Dreads. Then, you will see An-I-Mal!!!)

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CaptnKirk, I like your collapsible bar, when the time comes, I'll check it out a little closer. I don't think I'll have time to build the room myself.
RevBambooBen, are you Bamboo Ben with the place off Adams Ave. in HB?

as Cheri Capri says, My Cousin is Bamboo Ben. (or, yes!)(but don't let anyone know it's me)(yorktown not adams)(don't talk to tiki-bong!)

Enid (Tikihag) is a professional interior designer and would possibly be interested. Email me with your phone # and you too can talk. We are in Oakland--are you still going to be in the general Modesto area?

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