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Say a big Aloha to TURBOgoddess a.k.a. Eme Rose Bannister. The Tiki Gods were truly smiling when they blessed us with a second Daughter. WARNING: All boys born/or to be born within the last few years, be on the lookout for a crazy shovel wielding father.

B Ben check out her tribute. I think you'll get a kick out of it

Tacky Techie Tiki Bar

[ Edited by: Turbogod on 2003-04-13 23:39 ]

[ Edited by: Turbogod on 2003-04-14 00:23 ]

She's a beauty!
Excellent craftsmanship!
Congrats to you both!

Well done
Congrats to you and the misses and Eme Rose

Eme Rose, is a punk rocker!

Eme Rose, is a punk rocker!

Eme Rose is a punk rocker, nowwowwwowwowwoww!!!!

Aloha Eme Rose and welcome aboard!

Cheers Turbo's!!!!

Congratulations Turbogod,

She's quite a stunner! I've got 2 daughters of my own. Sometimes I don't know whether I should plan on hocking all my tiki stuff to finance 2 weddings, or keep buying tiki stuff and hope they both are lesbians (ha ha).

P.S. now get some sleep...

She's beautiful....why don't you go ahead and put the shovel away and let me fix you up with a 12-guage pump. :)


Congrats - she is a beauty! Best wishes to you and the family!


Eme name is almost like anti Emma, sings all the beautiful classic songs of Hawaii? maybe shell grow up to be anti Eme and sign new classics for our islands!!! then you'd be rich! Aloha!


Thanks for all the kind wishes.

Bong, thanks for reminding me I had forgotten all about weddings. I was busy thinking about all the shoes 3 women can/will aquire in a lifetime!

JohnTiki, hope to see you and the Family soon.

Base, thought about a gun. too permanent & too messy. Besides I like the image of me swinging that shovel like a madman. Maybe you can fashion me some sort of Maori War Shovel?

Gecko, I hope the Girl's get into music like Me and the Misses. Kassie already likes banging on the drumpads and dancing.

RevBenBooBam, she's on her way. She spitting and all over the place and dropping 'em Iggy-style every time we get her back from the nurses station. I'm sure this is just a phase she'll grow out of, I don't think I want my daughter to be the next GG Allin. I leave that for Courtney Love. hah!

Thanks again all,


Beautiful! If I hadn't been moving the last 2 days (and setting up Tiki computer room, praise Lono), I'd have said so sooner. Congrats!


congrats to you and yours she's a cutie.


Congatulations Mr. and Mrs.Turbogod.
You both have been truly blessed!

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