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Tikis sighted in Rob Zombie's New Movie

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There are probably around a half dozen or so Tikis in Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses movie that opened this past weekend.

They were all in the background of a "talent show" sequence in the movie. Hard to identify, but a few looked like OA masks/plaques.

As for the movie, probably not worth seeing if you do not love the horror/exploitation movies from the 70's (like The Hills Have Eyes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

I loved it because I really love those types of movies for the campiness of them.

Not worth seeing if you aren't a fan of that genre and definately not worth your $$$ if you only want to spy the tikis.



That movie left me so confused!

and I didn't see the tiki's :(

On another message board, I wrote:

I went this afternoon.

Splendid. A celebration of the inhuman spirit.

But it is telling that the 4-year old kid sitting a few rows behind me was not scared. Though I was personally terrified of Karen Black, as usual.

FYI: The voice on the cassette player as the people are being lowered into the pit is actually Aleister Crowley from some recordings that he did on the old wax cylinders. The particular sample is, ironically, from a poem that Crowley wrote about Jesus. I am glad that the speed was slowed down, though. Crowley did not have a very cool voice.

Oh, plus I am a fan of Sheri Moon's ass.

On 2003-04-14 20:53, KahunaMilu wrote:
Oh, plus I am a fan of Sheri Moon's ass.

I will 2nd that.

My son went to see it yesterday & came home with rave reviews & I quote "best horror movie since Army of Darkness". Lots of blood & gore! I asked "did you spot any tikis" to wit he replied "who the f*ck was lookin' for tikis. that's your thing dad". Ah... to be young again.

Son of ShipWreckJoey: K, all in all I'm very pleased to see something other than Dimension Films' line up of half assed pussy slasher rip off horror films that usually step on the throat of Hollywood. Rob Zombie makes terrible music but is one fine horror movie artist. It was like a mixture of Natural Born Killers and Texas Chainsaw Massacre... quite honestly even if you don't like horror movies you should buy a ticket and not see it just so maybe people will start making horror films like that as aposed to Scream's 1-too many and I Know What You Did Last Summer's 1-too many and... eh fuck it, the list goes on... I didn't notice any tiki's in it because honestly... why stare at wooden post's when 90 percent of the movie is blood, gore, tits, and ass flying at you at a remarkable 10,000 Frames per second. Great movie... if you don't like it you are either retarded or a pussy.


It was made several years ago and was pawned off by a big movie studio to a smaller one. It also was not released to critic's.

I own the two tikis that were on the wall in the movie,


Pics or it didn't happen, sir.

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