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Lack of Nookie.........

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A new Tiki Bar is opening up in Mammoth Lakes,Ca. (this week or next?). Lakanuki (sp?). Should be a fun place to party! It "Puns" all things tiki/hawaiiana.

Damn, I thought this was going to be an advice thread...

I met a woman in a thrift store the other day and she mentioned "Lakanuki", the tiki bar at the Mammoth Ski Resort. She said she and her boyfriend had been there and that it was extremely Polynesian, "totally tiki'd out." I asked, were there actually tikis? and she said yes, although she'd also stated that her boyfriend is the serious tiki nut in the family.

So, has anyone been there yet? It's been mentioned on another thread as well, but still no report...

Here's the ad copy:

"Lakanuki is the world's first ultra hip, mountain tiki bar! Visitors can stop by in their ski boots for a little hula dancing while sipping a favorite tropical drink."

Sure sounds better than those totally UN-hip mountain tiki bars I'm used to.



On 2003-04-14 17:27, tikimonkey wrote:
Damn, I thought this was going to be an advice thread...

Me too. Dis!a!ppointed!

JTD posted on Fri, May 30, 2003 7:45 AM

The real reason they put that bar on a ski mountain is (paraphrasing Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours) - "Lakanuki make you brave!"



One of my ex's nickednamed himself "Big Chief Lackanookie". I felt so sorry for him I made him this cup.

Happy to say my wife hasn't made me one of those mugs yet. I work with a guy who has so many kids we call him Big Chief Broken Rubber.

Do you fart when he pulls your finger too??


We call that foreplay around these parts.

Little "Lakanuki" dirt...
Okay, the guys who run the place are hilarious! They made it down to the Farm on a weekend tiki roadtrip in a lopsided 1973 Chevy Pick-up. One of the guys was passed out in the back and the other 2 were severly hungover! These are the big corporate guys, too - they were out for a weekend of debauchery! They hit the Purple Orchids, Trader Vic's Beverly Hills & Sam's Seafood during their hunt for tiki wares. They stopped by the Farm, Benno's & Oceanic Arts.

They commissioned 3 giant Shag reproduction murals, bought 1 each of every design we've ever done (about 80 mugs) for a long display across the back of the bar and we built them this window thing. The window thing...

On the front/outside of the window it's got tiered shelves/puffer fish lights/fish netting/Martin Denny album cover and about a half dozen or so mugs on sand covered shelves. The inside is a collage of cutouts from the Book of Tiki. The inside is in the men's bathroom - classic!

They'll be doing a big luau this summer with entertainers, giveaways, etc.

They're now opening another tiki bar in an old building they bought in Orlando, FL. Joe Vitale (www.joevitaledesign.com) is designing the interior along with his talented wife Donella. They've ordered up 8' Moais, Witco style fountains and about 15 Balinese masks to date plus all kinds of other swag. They are also throwing a major block party this summer with sponsored booze suppliers, bands and other tiki dignitaries. It will all be thrown together (both Lakanuki & Orlando bar gigs) last minute but as soon as I know more, I'll post-up for sure.

I met these guys at a King Kukulele show one night at the Purple Orchid. Cool guys - can't wait to get a chance to see that place. Looks like they made every effort to get it going the right way!

Lakanuki Website

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