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Blue Hawaii, North Wildwood, NJ (restaurant)

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Name:Blue Hawaii
Street:2400 Surf Ave.
City:North Wildwood


I came across this great old menu from the Blue Hawaii in Wildwood, NJ on ebay a while back and grabbed the image. The menu came with a Leilani mug that was marked Blue Hawaii as well.

I am wondering if this is the restaurant that actually produced the Blue Hawaii mugs that have been attributed by many to the Blue Hawaii restaurant in Nashville.

Swanky has never seen one down in that neck of the woods, and I bought mine from someone who lived in New York. So I'm thinking that they may have come from New Jersey. They match the moais flanking the entrance.

Swanky was going to do some more research??


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Wonder where they got the inspiration for their menu design from... :D

I was thinking exactly the same thing, Bigbro! It was just too good to hope that the front of the Blue Hawaii looked just like the magnificent Aku Aku in Vegas.

Damn-it, I knew I had seen that image somewhere else!

Here is a matchbook I have from the Blue Hawaii in Wildwood.

Will we ever solve the mystery as to where the Blue Hawaii mug came from?


Here is another contender for the restaurant that created the mysterious Blue Hawaii mug.

A matchbook from the Blue Hawaii restaurant located in Louisville, Kentucky as seen on ebay.

Same style and logo as the South Pacific matchbooks in Arlington, WV

and the other restaurant located in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Wonder if they were all owned by the same folks?? Wonder if they made the mug???


worked at the Blue Hawaii in the summer of 1977. It was leased by Big Bert Thame to Tom Nasuti out of Philly. The BH was part of a larger building that also housed the Manor Bar and 25th Street Pizza and Beer( the original building on that site was the "Manor Hotel" which burned. Young Bert ran the bar and his sister Maura the Pizza and Beer, she lived not far from me in Philly then ( I will always be indebted to her for all the cheesesteaks that she brought over to me, and always loved her and hanging with her)I had one of the mugs for years and they had no writing or inscription at all. The menu looks like from when it was family run( up to early 70's) and the matchbook I remember.

Thanks for the info! Do you by chance have any photos of the place, maybe some details about what it used to look like? It's very cool to here about some of this place from the people with first-hand knowledge.

Sadly I have no pix. I will ask Maura when I speak to her if she does. The outside is actually quite similar to the illustration on the menu, the PU PU menu does more justice ( color) as it was clearly copied from it. The "god" head was smaller and as far as I can recall there was one, and there were no torches. The bamboo is correct. The Tiki mug with "Blue Hawaii" on it may possibly be from the same era as the menu, when the family ran it. In '77 the mugs were more generic looking and not as heavy and were for sale. The building is gone now. I worked in the kithen and also did various things for Tom ( gopher, etc.) and I used to eat with the Asian crew before work out back in a fenced in utility area that was a break area with a picnic table and it all was really quite cool!


I was there at 6 years old in 1977. My parents took me there on vacation and I still remember how cool this place was. Would love to see a pic of inside or outside.. Does anyone have one????? I want to show my parents they would freak out!

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