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The Cramps do Taboo

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I just saw the track listing for the Cramps new CD titled 'Fiends From Dope Island,' and am thus looking forward to hearing their cover of the exotica standard 'Taboo.' Now there is a group/song combination that I would love to see a video for.

My calendar is also set for May 17th, when the Cramps perform here in D.C. at the 9:30 Club. Performing earlier that same evening, at the same club, will be Nancy Sinatra, with Ursula 1000 opening. Wow.



ah glad u posted this- didnt realize they were playing my town in May


She said, oooo eeee ahh ahhh! Ooo Eeee Ahhh Ahhh!!!

See, where not all that lucky to live in So. Cal!!!!!


I saw the CRAMPS perform here at the
House of Blues years ago. They will be at the Shim Sham Club for 2 dates at the end of April (or May?)...

Would LOVE to see Nancy.......


Lux said in an interview once that they always visit the Tonga Room when they come to San Francisco to perform.

The folks in X and the Blasters often visit Annie's cocktail lounge after shows. Last time I saw the Knitters I was sitting at Annie's after the show when Dave Alvin walks in and sits down on the next bar stool.

The cramps are way cool! Posion Ivy has fuzz guitar down solid. Their song are catchy and actually really clever. What a great bunch of freaks.


I got 96 tears and 96 eyes.
...The human Fly

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It's just cool that they are still alive.

but they still look dead and that is even cooler!

Gravest Hits was an awesome piece of vinyl. It still gets heavy rotation on my pitiful little picnic spinner.

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