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Kon Tiki , Cincinnati, OH (restaurant)

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Name:Kon Tiki
Street:Sheraton Gibson Hotel

A few photos of the interior. These were misstated as being from the Kahiki but have now been as identified as the Kon Tiki. Ain't TC great. Also stated as being taken in September of 1968.

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Nice pictures uncle trav, thanks for posting!!! :)

It's always nice to see these defunct Polynesian restaurants from Ohio.

Cheers and Mahalo,


Long time no see. Those are some great photos.

Here is the postcard.

And the matchbook.


Article announcing the grand opening of the Kon Tiki in Cincinnati. It was the 7th one in the chain.


I already posted this in Tiki Finds... BUT... there is certainly some potential relevancy for this thread as well...

I think we may have purchased the very same Oceanic Arts War Club visible on the back wall in Dustycajun's postcard image above...

I got this from a guy in Suburban Cincinnati who got it from a friend who had bought it "years ago at an estate sale or something..."

There can't have been THAT many Oceanic Arts war clubs in Cincinnati... this one has two holes drilled in it for mounting, and (from the patina and where the wear is on it) it is definitely old. This guy had had it for a long time, and said his friend had had it for much longer than that (unfortunately, as tends to happen with some of this stuff, the details were pretty fuzzy.)

These were from the listing:

There's probably no way to know with 100% certainty, but having landed an Oceanic Arts piece that hung on the wall in the Cincinnati Kon Tiki back when is a heckuva thing to think about!



I just picked up a mask from a friend that he got at an auction from the Kon-Tiki in Cincinnati! I wish there was a picture of my mask hanging somewhere in there!

For those interested, here is a bit more history on the short-lived Kon Tiki restaurant at the Sheraton-Gibson in Cincinnati (all from the Cincinnati Enquirer) -

Opened in August 1965

August 20th, 1965

August 21st, 1965

August 26th, 1965 (even with a recipe from Mr. Crane!)

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A few fun ads!

Sept. 30th, 1969

June 10th, 1970

November 20th, 1970

January 30th, 1970 - the start of the end, this just seems wrong to me...astrological decor???

...and the demise...

May 15th, 1973, the Kon Tiki slated to become an Italian Restaurant...

July 27th, 1974, the whole Kon Tiki decor for $15,000K...not sure if that includes the astrological decor or not! :P

Sept. 22nd, 1974, someone describing the room prior to the Kon Tiki...

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