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Name:Kuhio Hotel
Street:2345 Kuhio Avenue

I didn't discover much about the Kuhio Hotel in my internet search except for that it is now the Miramar Hotel.

Although it's a little hard to tell from the matchbook, it did once have an a-frame. It was also home to the Warrior Bar, the Taro Patch Lounge, the Maluna Lounge and the Poi Bowl Coffee Shop.


I have the matchbook and swizzle.

I pulled a picture from the Miramar's website, and you can see that the a-frame has been removed. Boo.

I love their logo tiki and recently found a shirt covered with him.

That's pretty damn kuhl, Kate. Maybe it was a hotel employee shirt. Someone should develop a whole typeface from that Tiki "K".


Great post Kate. Love the shirt. Here's a couple of swizzles from my collection.

I dug up this old postcard from the Kuhio Hotel to add to your thread.

Happy Hunting!

Nice shot of the A-frame, the one that is missing in Kate's photo. The posts look carved, no?
And "380 lavishly decorated rooms and suites"! Someone here must have a hotel room interior postcard from it, please?


They removed the A-Frame? What a dumb move, maybe the wood was rotting... so replace it! Nevertheless, so sad.

I stayed at this hotel a few years back but don't recall anything tiki about it... I do remember walking up Kuhio street to a cool 2-3 story pawn type shop and finding some great ol' mugs though..
Great post card, what a shame they did away with the A frame.. The tile work doesn't do much for me..

Found another one

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