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Kona Apartments, Stockton, CA (apartments)

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Name:Kona Apartments
Street:4215 Pershing Ave

Medium size apartment complex, fair condition

While researching the Golden Tiki Apartments I came across the name of another Polynesian Village, the “Kona Apartments”. The address looked familiar and sure enough it was right next to the Bali Hai/Outrigger Apartments.

Another expedition was called for so I Broke out the Hawaiian punch, grabbed the camera and set out on another adventure. I drove to the Outrigger and right next to it was the Kona, now named “Las Palmas”. The Polynesian architecture was not nearly and pronounced or extravagant as The Bali Hai but it was still there. I walked up to the Village Chiefs Room and a sign said “OPEN”. I knocked on the door and there was no answer. I slowly opened the door and could here a loud TV from a joining room. As I went inside I asked if any one was there and still got no answer. I looked around and could see empty cans all over the place and it wasn’t “Primo”. Feeling a bit creepy at this point I retraced my steps and got the heck out without making a sound. Back at my 4x4 Toyota I had a shot of punch and reassessed the situation. No Trespassing signs and cameras were abound but the area wasn’t near as bad as the Golden Tiki location.

I snapped some pictures of an old lava rock planter and the front of the place then went around the side and found a path to the interior courtyard. There I found a swimming pool that still had water, some mature palms and bird of paradise plants. There were no tikis or treasure so I took some more pics, said hi to a few locals and left.

The only other thing I have on this place is that I found a guy who told me it was Alex Spanos’s, (SanDiego Chargers owner/Realestate developer) first Apartment project he ever built.

If you’re visiting the popular Bali Hai/Outrigger you might as well visit this place to, but I wouldn’t make a special trip just for the Kona.

Well that’s it for now.

Happy hunting!

Well I found out a while back that the Bali Hai apartments next door to the Kona were Alex Spanos's first apartment complex built and not the Kona. There has been no info that shows he was involved. I even read his autobiography and found no mention of this place.

I recently received this postcard image of the Kona from the author of "Stockton in Vintage Postcards", Alice van Ommeren. Thanks for sharing Alice! I really like this post card and I love the ornamental fascia on either end of the building. It kind of looks like green translucent plastic or glass was used. Very cool MCM style I think.

Its a shame all those outriggers were cut off.

I guess Badminton and shuffle board were a big past time back then!

Cool, would love to see a close up of the sign. Very "modern", somewhat less elaborate than its Southern California relatives, though. :D

This is as close up as I can get it, yea, not as elaborate but I'll take what I can get. :)

Thank you, I do like the screen and type. It looks like the place had the same installation on the other side of the complex. And of course there is nothing left of it.



Very cool! Stockton is getting tikier by the minute with you in the scene, abstractiki! Keep up the good work!

I love your humorous description of your expedition to this Polynesian Village, and attempting to contact the Village Chief.

Thanks fer posting!

I was on a little excursion yesterday and ended up driving past the old Kona. I was sad to see it had gotten the Taco bell Tuscan makeover. The name has changed again, this time to Sienna Terrace. One more step in the devolution. I took some pics and made my way inside the courtyard. I found the pool still there and most every thing else was pretty much the same as the the way I remember it. At least the Outrigger and Bali Hai next door have not been messed with.

NOOO the taco bell is gone! At least its some decent apartments now.

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