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Jade Island Tiki Bar on No Reservations

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on tonights "No Reservations" Tony went to the Jade Island Tiki Bar in Staten Island with David Johansen
Pretty Cool....


great episode!


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It will show again Sep. 11 1:00PM ET on the Travel Channel, check your guide for Pacific Time.

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Here are some old posts about Jade Island with Photos


On last night's New York Outer Boroughs episode Bourdain described Jade Island as being "...Untouched by time, unsullied by irony." He also said if he'd been exposed to a Tiki bar like Jade Island when growing up "I'd be a better man and a better human being if I had this in my neighborhood."

This was at least Bourdain's second visit to a Tiki bar on his show. On an episode in Hawaii he stopped in at La Mariana.

Both times Bourdain has seemed to genuinely enjoy the Tiki experience and has never had the usual media wink-wink "Isn't this hilariously tacky?" approach we usually see in print and TV stories on Tiki joints.

(Also of interest: The No Reservations New York Outer Boroughs epsiode led to at least one person discovering Tiki Central.)


Bourdain's attitude about old places is always pretty good, and I tend to agree with him. He also shows great respect for other cultures and their foods, and he likes to experience what the average person eats wherever he goes.

I loved his "Disappearing Manhattan " episode earlier this year, when he dismissed (from his blog)

Peter Luger? You can have it.
, and celebrated my favorite NY steakhouse Keen's.

It would be nice if he showed a little more interest in the cocktail revival. He loves old dive bars but I've heard him make fun of modern "mixologists", when in fact they often are doing the same things with drinks as the chefs he appreciates the most do with food (quality ingredients, careful preparation, respect of tradition, and classic presentation).

From the Disappearing Manhattan episode:

Where can a guy get a drink when the last gin mill closes down, when there’s nothing less but the fern bar or the lounge, when the barkeep has been replaced by the mixologist?


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...when the barkeep has been replaced by the mixologist?

I did cringe when I heard him say that. But that episode was so otherwise in tune with my own personal tastes that I didn't give that comment too much weight. However, on another episode when he visited the Salton Sea area, he commented that he had never eaten a patty melt before. I mean, how much trust should I put in a man who has never before eaten a patty melt?


Link to the clip showed up in my Facebook feed this morning. Some good shots of the flaming pu pu platter and the blowfish lamps.

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Also coming up shows a bar on the Holliday Special. Clip on tv showed several mugs and a quick background shot from somewhere.

shows monday dec. 6th

It was on again tonight. Maybe Hawaii can catch it.

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