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Tiki Mini Golf in Alabama

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For any of you southerners out there, we found a cool tiki mini golf place in Gulf Shores, AL. It's called Tiki Isle and has lots of painted tikis and 2 giant moais out front. It was great fun and we have some good pictures to post. (Must figure out how to first...)


Waikiki Tiki~

Last year KokomoTikiBar&Grill spoke about a place called Pirate's Island, (sometimes listed as Pirates Cove or Pirates Island Adventure Golf, or Pirates Island Miniature Golf). Have you been there yet? Kokomo said he gave it a 9 rating on a 1-to-10 scale.

Pirates Island Miniature Golf



Also, while in Orlando, the family and I played at the Tiki Isle mini golf on International Drive. Lots of carved tikis, two 18 hole courses.
waikiki tiki, I'm in the same situation, I haven't figured out how to post pics either.

We saw the Pirate's Adventure place and wanted to go but did not have time. It looked cool too! Here are some of the mini golf pictures:

This is try number two....I think they will be the right size this time.

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Well, they're really small...I'm not sure how to make them bigger. It's my first try at posting pics! From top to bottom they are:

1 The Tiki Isle sign
2 A friend and myself kissing the tiki
3 Tikisobayli with his tiki drink in front of a tiki
4 Meg and I again hugging the giant moai
5 A view of the course


i never thought i would say this, but for once i envy someone in alabama!(the tiki getting kissed by the young babes!). seriously, we may have the eateries and the bars, but you have a cool golf spot.i want to know if that guy is smiling cuz of one of the gals......

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