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Bigfoot Lodge, anyone?

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One of my friends from Los Angeles (the one who introduced me to the Tiki Ti!) is coming to visit me in San Francisco during the last week of June. Is anyone up for a little get-together at the Bigfoot Lodge that week? I'd love for her to meet you guys!


mig posted on Thu, Jun 13, 2002 12:14 PM

That's kind of a crazy week for me-- taking some night classes, and there are a couple Fishbone shows that unfortunately take precedence over just about anything else-- but post the details and I bet a crew can come together pretty easily!!


so when are you guys gonna be there? i wouldn't mind going to Bigfoot again for a quick drink.


[ Edited by: Fonduie on 2002-06-18 11:15 ]

Fonduie wrote:

so when are you guys gonna be there? i >wouldn't mind going to Bigfoot Lounge again >for a quick drink.

I don't know for sure yet -- that will be determined once my friends get here this weekend. I will post a notice a couple of days in advance. It looks like we're going to the Beach Chalet on Thursday to see the Shitones. That's next week, not two days from now.


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