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Tiki, Pirate, and Conch Blowing @ Burning Man *IMAGE HEAVY*

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Kahu posted on Mon, Sep 21, 2009 4:53 PM

Ok, here there are, these pics are of the various moments of me coming across tiki in some shape or form, also are a few pics of the many people blowing or at least trying to blow my Conch Horn. Hope you guys enjoy the pics. If you want to see the full gallery of my Burning Man experience big.tiki is my flickr user ID.

WOW! That looks better than I could ever imagine. Thanks for sharing!


I went 2 years ago and seeing your photos makes me feel like taking a shower!

I think that will be my one and only time at Burning Man mainly because it took weeks to feel like I was clean. All that sand was murder after about 3 hours.

Thanks for sharing--I am all about living vicariously through pics--except the pic of the guy who looks naked. That brings back bad memories as well!


Great photos! Thanks for sharing! I went 10 years ago and I LOVED it!

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