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Golden Star, Canton, MA (restaurant)

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Name:Golden Star
Street:599 Washington Street
Phone:(781) 828-3236

The Golden Star has been renamed the Golden China. There were once two Golden Star locations, but it appears that the Newtonville restaurant is now closed. I tried the phone number that I found on-line, and it's now a residential number. Oops.

I found this menu a few days ago. I like to look inside menus from Chinese restaurants to see if they served tiki drinks. The Golden Star did.

Was the "Golden Star" a chain of Chinese Food restaurants?

I ask because I found this recently:


I don't think that the Golden Star from Flagstaff was related to Tiki Kate's restaurant. But, it did have two other sister restaurants in Arizona as evidenced from this menu image I grabbed.

You can see your mug illustrated as the Sneaky Tiki. The other restaurants included the Golden Dragon in Nogales and the Kumquat Tree in Sierra Vista. Never seen anything else Tiki wise from these three. Maybe you should start a new thread on Locating Tiki for your mug.


Nice, that menu is great, thanks for sharing DC! I will start a new thread indeed!

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