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My wife and kids are going out of town this weekend and I will be staying behind. I figured this might be an opportunity to meet some tiki folk in the San Diego area.

Anyone open?


look up al and shelly. nice folks.

WEE-HOO, Grab your loin clothes there is a luau at Monkeyboys!!!
Why limit it to just the S.D. folks.

[ Edited by: Chongolio on 2003-04-16 20:05 ]

I won't be hosting any parties just yet. Part of the reason that I am not going with my wife and kids is to complete the palm tile mosaic around my recently redone fireplace. I just finished putting up the lauhala matting and black bamboo. Installed our bamboo weave cieling fan last month. Finished the custom teak entertainment center in February (after 6 painful months). Hung up my custom framed tiki room print in January. Bought all new bamboo blinds and custom made palm tree pattern valances for the windows. My wife is putting the finishing touches on the tropical pillows and our new 4 seater crescent shaped leather sofa should arrive next week. I still need to install the cabinet lighting to illuminate my small but growing tiki mug collection. The slate tile will go up this weekend.

I think you get the idea. My goal is to have it all finished by May so that I can then begin building my cardboard moai that will flank the sides of my garage for my first tiki event in June. I have a huge peice of green astroturf for my garage and bamboo fencing to cover all the shelves and waterheater. Im ready with raffia table skirts and many many strands of tiki lights. I have already assembled many hours of music from fiji, hawaii, and of multiple lounge varieties. My Martin Denny 2 disc set should arrive in 2 weeks along with my Intoxica book.

When Its all done.... Then Im ready to host a party.

Da Monkeyman

Monkeyman, your creative inspiration is exceeded only by your hard work.
Way to go!

I've always believed that one's home
should be one's tiki hut.

I look forward to seeing the pictures!

I was jest razzin' ya M.B. Whenever my Wahine needs to split town for a few days and I don't tag along, before I tell them, all my buddies from out of town somehow know to pick that week to come visit me. When she comes back I am usually broken up and scarred by some random freak thing not even party related. So she thinks that whenever she leaves town our place becomes the Monkey Shack and that my simian bro's from around the world come to town and beat the crap out me. If you like I can call all my monkey bros and we can all converge S.D. this weekend. Ha!
As for your party and your pad, it sounds like it will be insane! Are you going to post any pics of your place before the party?
Doing all those projects must put a smile on your mug when there done.


-- I believe that our Heavenly Father invented the monkey because he was disappointed in man."
... Mark Twain

[ Edited by: Chongolio on 2003-04-17 09:54 ]

Bad timing for me. I'm going to be in the Lake Elsinor area all weekend hangin' with the fam. But I can usually talk everbody into going to Pepe's in Canyon Lake for late sunday brunch if you'd like to pop in. We usually stay there 'til about 2:30 or until all the champagne's gone. But, who knows, being Easter and all...can't say for sure.

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