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Royal Hawaiian Motel, LOS ANGELES, CA (Motel)

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Name:Royal Hawaiian Motel, Los Angeles, CA (Motel)
Street:1632 La Brea Ave
City:Los Angeles
Phone:(323) 937-2049

This budget motel lies on a seedy stretch of La Brea Ave just 1 mile north of the Santa Monica Freeway and 3 miles south of Hollywood Blvd. A single weathered Tiki stands guard outside.

I doubt this place is related to the historic Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki but hey the rates are only $65 per night. The place vibes "adult" motel but I don't think hourly rates are available. It's simply budget accommodations managed by Indian owners for those who can't afford a Best Western or Motel 6.

Still it's an appropriate Poly-Pop establishment to consummate that one-night stand with the Tiki-phile you just picked up at the Tiki-Ti. You might not remember his or her face afterwards but you'll always have that one lone Tiki as a memory. That makes it special. :)

As an added bonus, you have Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (Pico branch) nearby to satisfy any pre or post-coital drunk food needs.

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Here's the images.....

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