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Hala Kahiki, River Grove, IL (restaurant)

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Name:Hala Kahiki
Street:2834 River Road
City:River Grove


[email protected]


Lounge Hours

Sunday 4pm-2am

Monday 7pm-2am

Tuesday 7pm-2am

Wednesday 4pm-2am

Thursday 4pm-2am

Friday 4pm-2am

Saturday 4pm-3am

This place has kind of a tough dress code .... but ......... they make up for it with the number of South Pacific libations they serve.

High time that the Hala Kahiki got a spot in Locating Tiki. This Witco temple is one of the last perfect Tiki time capsules in existence. All hail and support the Hala Kahiki! May it continue to enchant for generations to come!

Oops...Actually it was added back in 2006...
http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=17805&forum=2&hilite=Hala%20Kahiki :wink:

Hurraah! So then it had a place in Locating Tiki all along! And some people should check thru "Search" before they post!
Well it was a damn good occasion to bring the Hala Kahiki up to the top of the board, where it belongs! :lol:


plastic table and chairs?....plastic tables and chairs?....plastic table and chairs?
goes with the pastic thatch. OMG, plastic thatch?...plastic thatch?
insert rolling eyes happy face here------>wait... and rope light palm trees?

"Pets are welcome,Children 'MUST' be on leash" TD

[ Edited by: TIKI DAVID 2009-10-07 16:12 ]


David, you've been spending too much time on the patio.

I like to stick in the back room, where there is little plastic to be found...

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