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Kau Kau & Polynesian Room, Seattle, WA (restaurant)

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Name:Kau Kau & Polynesian Room
Street:1115 1/2 2nd Street

Found a couple of matchbooks and a menu from the Kau Kau in Seattle as I was looking for info on the Polynesian Room, which was the name of their cocktail lounge.

A brief note in Tiki Road Trip but no other info as of yet.


Me not noh nuthink. Love the typeface on the matches. And they swiped the menu illustrations from the Islander on La Cienega. Woofmutt's famous Seattle post mentions it,


...but I don't think much visual evidence exists so far.

On 2009-10-08 05:30, bigbrotiki wrote:
And they swiped the menu illustrations from the Islander on La Cienega.

Not only did they use the graphics from the Islander menu, but they copied the drink and Pupu listing format as well.

No honor among Tiki proprietors back in the day.



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God is this annoying. It's like you're having a nice conversation with a friend and some total stranger falls over your table and starts blabbering some mumbo jumbo!

Oh, thanks, Sabu 86-ed the spam bum!

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I hear ya Big Bro, I don't like spam for lunch either!

There is another Kau Kau Chinese BBQ restaurant in Seattle located at 656 S King St. I did not, at first, think they were related.

But, I found some logo information from the new place that is the same as one of the old matchbooks. Soooo, the places are somehow related or... the new Kau Kau borrowed from the old Kau Kau.


Seattle's National Sign Corp posted their 100 favorite signs they created and one is the sign for the original Kau Kau location.

Also, it says the restaurant opened in 1959.

aloha, tikicoma

That's some damn fine signage!


My dad used to go to the still-open Kau Kau. Famous for their barbecued pork, though I have no idea if it's still any good. He and his old work friends met there for a few decades.

Does anybody have any idea what the "Moon and Sixpence," "Husband Killer," "Mount Kilauea," "Fires of Pele," and/or "Last Will and Testament" drinks are/were?

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