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Mr. Smiley in the LA TImes??

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I went to the 97th Anniversary of the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco on the way to work this morning and as I was listening to the survivors tell their stories a reporter interviewed myself (Bruce Woodbury) and Tikihag (Enid Westberg). It might show up in the next day or two,etc. If any of you LA folk (Hoiti Toiti's) see it, please send me the article and article date. THanks. You can reach me at

Mr. Smiley:

Your sense of civic history is noteworthy.

The article appeared in The Los Angeles Times on Sat., Apirl 19th, California section, page 1, under the crease.

Happy Easter.

It looks like the Hoiti Toiti La Times editor did not use my comments. It seems that this editor doesn't know how FAMOUS I am and how the general public is always waiting breathlessly for any comment from me!--PS. the reason I didn't go to Mondo TIki is because I didn't want to upstage Shag!!

Mr. Smiley, even my momma knows who you are!
(It's true, she does! And not because I told her either.)

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