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Bookhouse Pub/Dr. Jacoby's Coconut, Atlanta, GA (restaurant)

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Name:Bookhouse Pub/Dr. Jacoby's Coconut
Street:736 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Phone:404) 254-1176

Ok, quite possibly my new favorite place in Atlanta is now combining 2 of my favorite things. A twist of Twin Peaks and Tiki. The Bookhouse Pub opened recently in Atlanta just off of Ponce De Leon and has recently added a small outdoor Tiki bar in the back called Dr. Jacoby's Coconut. For those of you that remember Twin Peaks I'm sure you recall Dr. Jacob's Hawaiian shirts and a few Tiki sightings in his office and home. Here are a few:

A great tapa lamp in the background

A few Coco Joe's hanging out with a vintage panther lamp.

The drinks are made VERY well and they even have them served up in Tiki mugs, or what was my choice, a fish head mug. I asked the bartender how he came to make the drinks and he said he's studied the "Grog Log" through and through. I also told him of Intoxica and Sippin' Safari so we'll see how it goes from here.

The food was great and the Twin Peaks theme to the pub is subtle yet appreciated. Here are some photos - be sure to stop by!

These windows are replicas of the images found in The Great Northwestern lodge see in Twin Peaks

I just wanted to mention that we only run Dr. Jacoby's Secret Coconut during warm months as that bar is all outside. We do run a Tiki night every Tuesday, called, surprisingly enough, Tiki Tuesdays inside where you can keep any of the mugs. Just wanted to clear that up so no one gets disappointed.

Howdy, Y'all!

So, some friends and I went to check out Bookhouse pub and Dr. Jacoby's secret coconut for Tiki Tuesdays, and we were well pleased!

Images follow, but the crux of it was - the food was pretty good and reasonably priced for bar. The drinks were $9 if you keep the mug (they get a new shipment each week from Dynasty Wholesale).

Most importantly, the drinks were GOOD. Like, cocktail snob good.

I'm not going to say the Mai Tai was strictly canon, but I am going to say all the main flavours were there, and good.
The waitestaff put up with our buying new mugs all night (I think we walked out with 14) and even went to get more banana's when we used all the ones on hand.

Atmosphere was nice (albiet hot out back). They had one manjor carving. I'd like to know who did it.

Anyone know who might have carved it?

The head bartender, who described herself as a mixologist, was happy to talk about cocktails.
At the end of the night we just threw her some bucks to make us drinks (whatever she wanted) and ended up with something called a gershwin (she said she got the recipe by calling the bar in new york that invented it at a customer's behest) and a "Silver Rye fizz" which was a vaguely lemony analogue to a whiskey sour. It was delicious. She also gave us (me and the missus and Fenrixtiki and HIS missus) her email address and told us to warn her in advance and she would stock more tiki ingredients.
That said, we're gonna take her up on it.

All Atlanta area ohana invited to meet fenrix and I at the Bookhouse pub tues July 20th, 2010. PM me in advance if you remember so I can warn her about mugs.
TikiAtari and wife Allison

That "G" on the carving looks allot like a Masonic symbol. Nice report on the location :D

Great review!

Gonna check this out, see you there!



Gonna try to make it for 7/20... Sounds cool.

My wife and I are aiming to be there around 7 p.m. on 7/20. Tiki-Atari is pictured above. I'll be wearing my Trader Vic's mug covered Hawaiian shirt. Looking forward to some Mai Tais!

Allison and I will be there around 7:30. I'm wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt..probably too hot for the fez.

Meant to post a pic of this awhile back, but they've posted it online and saved me the trouble.
New tropical menu at Bookhouse Pub (tangs present intact ) .

I'm a fan of their mai-tai and mai-tai with ginger, and of their china libre and vodka punch. (Really, everything is worth a try though). Ordering a dirty monkey can be hilarious...on one occasion (out of many, so I don't hold it against the place) they had to send someone across the street to Kroger to buy more bananas.

Love this menu! Pick me up one if you get an additional!

A friend of mine carved the totem pole as well, as man and woman holding the liquor shelf and the various animal heads at the ends of the beams overhead. He's not too terribly expensive as far a custom carving goes and if anyone would like his info, please e-mail me from the Bookhouse website.

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