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Unnamed Tiki bar on Phi Phi Island, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand (bar)

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Name:Unnamed Tiki bar on Phi Phi Island
City:Koh Phi Phi

This little bar operates from a secluded beach location between the main town on Phi Phi and Long Beach. It's accessible by either longboat or the path that connects Long Beach with the town. It's a tiny place with just a few seats, and drinks are pretty limited. It does have a great beachcomber vibe to it, though.

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Goddamn these red boxes. They worked fine this morning on the test run.
I blame those tightwads at Snapfish. Anyway, problems to be solved at sometime tomorrow, but if anyone can recommend a decent photo hosting site while I sleep, please do.


Trader Woody - You've been gone too long! You can now host your images on TC itself. Better yet, they won't expire with time and should be there for years to come.

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