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The Luau, Stockton, CA (restaurant)

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Name:The Luau
Street:64 Sherwood Plaza on Pacific Ave

Chinese Smorgie and ######## Lounge

I found this add for The Luau restaurant in a Stockton library phone book. It was a Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. book from 1974. This is the only year I found it advertised from 1958 to 1980. It lists Jimmy Dunn in the add, most likely the owner.

I visited the site and found the shopping center but not a trace of the Luau. I have also asked around town and nobody that I have talked to remembers this place.

Note the Moai and Luau font. These are the same as The Luau restaurant in Fresno CA. Possibly owned by the same family? Chain restaurant? If any one has any info on this place please post it here.

1974 phone book add

current photo of Sherwood Plaza sign

Happy Hunting!

Interesting, this is the same Luau Chinee Smorgie from Fresno fame. Didn't know there was one in Stockton as well.



Any more info on this place?

According to critiki.com, the Fresno location was owned by the Dunn Brothers, so there probably is a connection... and I wonder if there was a mug for the Stockton location? How cool would that be?!?

Thanks Tobunga, thats the break ive been looking for!

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