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Kapu Tiki Apartments, Pico Rivera, CA (apartments)

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Name:Kapu Tiki Apartments
Street:4500 Rosemead Blvd.
City:Pico Rivera
Phone:(323) 866-9890

While these apartments still exist, the cool font and the a-frame are gone, and the pool has been filled in. The only remnant of their former glory is the tiki on the rock wall.

I rarely ever find apartment ephemera, so I was really excited when I won a Kapu Tiki Apartments postcard.

When I look at this I think, "Run for Your Life at the Kapu Tiki." (Pico Rivera isn't the safest place in the world.)

A few close ups.

This lovely image of the a-frame comes from page 224 of The Book of Tiki.

Here's how it looks today. :cry:

The concept drawing for the fountain from page 225 of The BOT.

All that's left.

Good post! nice little prize! it's a shame that this tiki temple has been desecrated. At least there is still a Tiki Mask, a small consolation.

there are 2 big tikis for sale on ebay right now out of a shop in san diego... one is 60" tall the other is 71" tall - one is marked Kapu tiki..... don't know if there is a connection to this place....


Nope, that's just a name. These guys popped up here before (I think), they are NOT vintage, but recent copies from the BOT:

The one on the left is based on the "Wise Guy" from the Playa del Rey Polynesian Village apartments (page 226),

the one on the right is everybody's favorite, the-Tiki-most-copied, from the Hanalei Hotel courtyard (page 205)

Pages: 1 5 replies