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Northern Virginia

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maryland, d.c., virginia, pennsylvania tikiphiles untie!

we're mixing up the geography - tiki j has agreed to host the november home tiki bar gathering. the location is outside of washington dc - nothern virginia, at j's swank bachelorette pad.

for the address and directions, PM me or email me at johnny_dollar AT hotmail.com

time: saturday november 14th 7:00 pm to ? pm

as in the past, show up and bring a bottle of something to mix. or maybe a polynesian-style munchie. kind of a pot luck but with rum or mixers (or food). it's a good chance to improve your mixology skills or test the skills of others. or rock a pu-pu platter.

any questions, comments, etc, post here or email me.

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I am going to be in the Reston area for the week after Thanksgiving. Are there still any tiki folks in the area that might want to get together for some cocktails during that time?

Glad to accommodate you! While, alas, there are no tiki bars in the area, we have a few options. What nights are you free? I'll round up the usual suspects.

It's supposed to be a 9-5 work week, but I'll be in early enough for weekend fun as well. I will PM you my contact info.

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