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More proof that this tiki stuff is getting out of control....

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Saw this in the local drug store flyer this AM:



I have the moai version (on the left)
in purple.

I have a purple moai one, I got it at Big Lots a few months ago, for 99 cents. I was delighted!

That Moai lacks a certain Moai-ness... is it me or does it just look like a guys face? Maybe it's the lips. Moai don't have lips!

what about african moai?


My wife says the same thing to me whenever she gets home from work and spots some more tikis or tropical decor in our condo that wasn't there when she left that morning.

Hey, tiki not just decor. It's a lifestyle!!!

Hey, tiki not just decor. It's a lifestyle!!!

Just like Costa Mesa itself!!


I'll take that comment as the harmless jest it was meant to be...

You should own property here on the Coast. I've made $100,000 over the past two years without lifting a finger.

Enough to buy a couple more authentic Leroy Schmaltz tikis :D


Since when is Costa Mesa 'on the coast'? Basically, it's an extension of Santa Ana isn't it?

Just think, if you'd owned a house instead of an apartment, er.. condo, you'd have made $250,000.

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