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Lani Tiki Lounge, Greenwich, London, UK (bar)

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Name:Lani Tiki Lounge
Street:22 King William Walk
City:Greenwich, London

Tiki bar which apparently lasted just a few months.

Did anyone ever get the chance to visit this?
I must say, it doesn't sound too great:

From Docklands 24:
"In what used to be W Lounge, Greenwich Inc has created a South Pacific-themed bar complete with a bamboo-trimmed bar and surfboards hanging from the ceiling.

Lani Tiki Lounge certainly has the distinction of being Greenwich's first Polynesian bar.

Split over three levels, the lounge offers the aforementioned bar, a dancefloor and a laid-back karaoke lounge where you can film yourself singing and view the results on DVD later, if you enjoy that kind of masochism.

The bright yellow bar on the ground floor has palm trees and tribal masks on the wall and the friendly bar staff offer a range of cocktails and shooters.

The luau theme continues with tiki cocktail mugs and treasure chest cocktails to share in a passing nod to the London's ever popular bar, Mahiki.

On the first floor a dancefloor and DJ ensure that everyone can show off their best moves after a few cocktails.

Upstairs padded wicker sofas, a more relaxed vibe and a stage mean the budding singers can belt our their favourite tunes as well.

Recorded evidence of these performances is available, but thankfully optional. Each floor has it's own bar as well so there's no need to traipse all the way downstairs for a drink.

Lani Tiki Lounge seems to be aiming for a fun-filled night out but it won't be to everyone's tastes. However, the karaoke stage is sure to be a magnet for Greenwich's budding divas."

And from 'Sir Richard Mayonnaise' - "Sir Richard Mayonnaise Reviews the Lani Tiki Lounge
Hello luvvies! Sir Richard Mayonnaise here and this week I shall be reviewing The Lani Tiki Lounge, another glorious feather in the hostelry hat of Mr. F. Dowling, which has opened to universal praise on the site of, formerly, the Cricketers, the "Powder Monkey" and, most recently and arguably most successfully the W* Lounge, which, as the name suggests, was a bit W*.

As I was released from the grasp of a burly but very polite Russian bouncer and crossed the threshold I was transported seamlessly to a Pacific island, where, Pina Colada in hand, I lounged away the hours to a backdrop of tropical sounds and great company. It reminded me of days spent filming on balmy beaches back in the golden era of cinema.

Boy does this place attract an A-list crowd! With some of Bexleyheath's latest and greatest parading the latest in River Island and Next couture along with the ubiquitous "robber's dogs" I felt somewhat underdressed in my linen suit and pith helmet; mind you, the shooting stick came in handy when it filled up a bit and the bar stools were all taken.

The decor is simply divine (another one of LLB's interior triumphs) providing a relaxed friendly atmosphere lent greater emphasis by the warm and personable staff (just as in Greenwich Inc's other wonderful establishments).

I would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to get away from it all; with your back turned to the road you could be mistaken for thinking you were indeed in a tropical island paradise.

A winner once again from Frank - 10 out of 10!"

Uncle Trevor said...
I went to this joint the other night and was bowled over by the quality of birds there"

Photo taken from 'FancyaPint.com'

A killer quote taken from a blog comment:
"I like tiki bars but Lani Tiki Bar was so far off the mark it was like it was put together by somebody who had read about them but never put a foot inside one before."

Trader Woody

[ Edited by: Trader Woody 2009-10-23 09:12 ]

Saw it during the build. It didn't look awe inspiring.

I planned to go but never got around to it. the one time I was around the market in Greenwich, I almost went inside, but it was on that day, full of people drinking beer watching football on a big screen - so I moved on.

We found it by accident dropping daughter off at Greenwich Uni. Couldn't stop for a drink that day as no time.
It didn't look inspiring enough to make a return visit...

Too bad it's closed.. planned to visit this summer just to check it out... oh well, more time to spend at Mahiki and Kanaloa!

[ Edited by: Trader Magnus 2010-01-23 05:01 ]

Zeta posted on Sat, Jan 23, 2010 5:03 AM

JA JA! Sounds like nobody cares about this place! It would be nice to at least see their logo...

Man-o-man, what more proof do you need of their clueless-ness than a pre-Columbian face as their logo Tiki. It seems that not only the drinks...

...The luau theme continues with tiki cocktail mugs and treasure chest cocktails to share in a passing nod to the London's ever popular bar, Mahiki...>...created a South Pacific-themed bar complete with a bamboo-trimmed bar and surfboards hanging from the ceiling..

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