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The Rigger, Honolulu, HI (restaurant)

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Name:The Rigger
Street:2335 Kalakaua Avenue
Phone:(808) 922-5544

The Rigger was owned and operated by The Jolly Roger restaurant group. It had two locations. One was in Hawaii, and the other was in Newport Beach, CA.

The Rigger was a burger joint located in the Outrigger Hotel in Waikiki which is the current home of Chuck's, Duke's and the Society of Seven.

This matchbook shows all of the restaurants that were part of the Jolly Roger group. They also owned the Cork 'n' Bottle Liquor Shop in Waikiki.

A matchbook from the Rigger in Waikiki. (I have another that was made for both locations.)

I found this menu last month. I'm choosing to believe that it was from the Waikiki location because it was in the same pile as a Tahitian Lanai menu.

Tiki Kate,

I just got one of the smaller breakfast menus from the Rigger, love the art

I also picked up this postcard which shows the etching that the menu used.

It is from Captain James Cook's voyage to the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) in 1778-1779 and was drawn by John Webber.


Nice matchbooks too.


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If we have a time line on the Rigger in Newport Beach I could do some further research
for photos articles etc. City Hall and the library .


That would be cool.


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