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Bong in Honolulu!

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Who are these guys? ]:-|

Spotted tonight at La Marianna in Honolulu.
Do U know these Tikis? They sure drink like blowfish...

A good time was had by all. Bali Hai!!


Geko fan club.

That krazy Tiki couple


The best vioce in the bar. An "Enchanting Evening." Check out the shells.

Plenty Aloha.

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sweet, cant wait to get there!


well well Tikimoto,

welcome to TC! nice to see your post. How come you didn't post da Mrs Tikimoto's new birthday gift I gave her? great pics!

oh by da way, Ailie sed she is gonna KILL you for posting the Texas or Tahiti pic!!.....thats so funny!

wish I could have gotten more pics.

Aloha guys! thanks for the painting by the way. I love it! Mrs Tikimoto is also a artist. this is wat she gave me. it's a great painting but my camera sucks plus i kept getting a glare from the glass.

aloha, it was nice to talk story with everyone!


We in California did notice a reduction of Aloha around the last couple of days. Seeing Bongndebbie and Alnshelly in Hawaii explaines it all. But wait, look at all of us CA folks that were in Nevada over the weekend, I sure hope someone stayed to keep the feeling up while everyone was wandering.



I'd like to see some more paintings, Mrs. Tikimoto, please?

Yeah, it has been kinda quiet around here without Bong's rantings.

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