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Tiki Room Desktop Wallpaper now available at Tikitackett.com!

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I just wanted to let you all know that a new desktop wallpaper is available for your PC at the "Polynesian Pavilion" at http://www.Tikitackett.com.

Best of all...IT'S FREE!



Nice, Jason. Thanks for offering it to us!

No prob...I figured there must be SOMEONE (smiles) out there who would like it.

I just added graphics work to the existing photo. That's all...I don't claim rights to the photo...that credit belongs to Disney.




Hey Tikitackett,

Just did a short fly-by at your web site - very cool! BTW are you a Disney "cast member"? Just curious, because I was in operations there in the early '70s. Started out as a ride operator over at the now gone Subs in Tomorrowland, then finally got the tenure to transfer to the other ride division on the other side of the park (so much better, friendlier people and the best looking ladies in the operation - or at least were when I was there). Did my tour of duty on the Cruise. Long hours, but fun since we were allowed to improvise the spiel a little in those days.

Geese...I miss the Tahitian Terrace.

[ Edited by: Squawker on 2003-04-24 09:40 ]

Hey there! Thanks for posting! :)

Yeah...I am a Walt Disney World Cast Member...not at the Tiki Room anymore, but over at Magic Kingdom Guest Relations. Everyone still calls me "Tiki" at work, and I even have an official Disney nametag that says it! :)

I hope to get back over to the Tikis soon and pick up some shifts. But in the meantime, I am hard at work on creating an online tribute to the Tiki Room...

Hope to hear from you soon..


p.s.-I forgot to tell you, I worked The Haunted Mansion, Liberty Square Riverboat, Country Bear Jamboree, and Swiss Family Treehouse. Loved my time in Attractions, but am moving up within the Company, so had to give it up (until I become a manager for Tikis!)

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