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Royal Tahiti, Lubbock, TX (restaurant)

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Name:Royal Tahiti
Street:4902 34th Street 22T
Phone:(806) 792-3772

The Royal Tahiti featured a Polynesian experience in dining as well as cocktails and banquet facilites.


I purchased this matchbook recently, but I wasn't able to find any information whatsoever on-line. Have any of the Texas tikiphiles ever heard of this place?

my friend, cindy crowell used to live in lubbock for awhile....i think the place was still operational in the late nineties and had a giant tiki statue out front - like super tall, from her description...i think this was the place.....

Cool, I don't believe I've ever heard of this place! Let's hear from Cindy Crowell!

Cool matchbook. Obviously the artist had no clue how to draw a Tiki, but the landscape on the back is grand.


I live in the area and will do some snoopin'.
Thanks for the info, it's been hard to find any trace of poly-pop out here (even amongst the Dolly Mack houses)!

All that I do know is that area looks to have been a shopping mall sometime in the past few decades and the city's ISD now is housed there.

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As of today, the spot/building this former restaurant was housed has been razed to the ground. I didn't get very far in researching this place. Hopefully one day I can get back to it.


Hi, my parents owned the restaurant in Lubbock in the 70s. Fun times...fun memories!

Hello Rich, glad to hear! Do you have any photos or paper ephemera from that time you can post here?


I found this Newspaper clipping online dated Oct 20, 1974


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